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The Bolivar cuban cigars brand was founded by young entrepeneur, Jose F. Rocha, in 1902. At the time, Rocha had his own cigar factory and Bolivar cuban cigars were merely a strong, premium blend Rocha began experimenting with and perfecting. In 1921, nearly 20 years after creating the basic blend, Rocha was ready to register the Bolívar name and the cigars entered the public market. Backed by the image of Simon Bolívar, the beloved military general who liberated South America from Spanish control in the early 1800s, the Bolívar Cuban quickly gained a reputation as the genuine article, a tru

Bolivar is one of the most popular cigars among the whole world and the best example of the strongest and full bodied cigars. In 1901 Bolivar was founded by a legend, his name is Jose Rocha, but under J.F. it was registered and the year was 1921