Partagas Serie P No.2

Once I flamed up a Partagas Serie P No.2 cigar, then there was absolutely no need to ignite it another time as its burning was completely straight and very consistent. The draw of this cigar was neither too tight and nor too loose and it had just the right amount of resistance to it. The ash was very firm and not even a bit flaky. Overall, it is quite a well balanced cigar, the exact definition of a great robust cigar. It was fully packed with flavor and was one of the best cigars that I’ve had in a while.


Partagas Serie P No.2

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Box of 25



  • Length 156 mm / 6. 1 inches
  • Ring Gauge 52
  • Strength Full
  • Duration 45min-1hour

Partagas Serie P No.2

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