Cohiba Siglo II


Cohiba Siglo II


Cohiba Siglo II

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Ring Gauge 42
Length 129 mm / 5.0 inches
Strength Medium
Size Petit Corona
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Cohiba Siglo II Overview

Cohiba's La Linea 1492 series is a favorite landing spot for those wanting a smoother, more balanced Cuban cigar experience. The Cohiba Siglo II is a tantalizing 5" x 42 bestseller renowned for its elegance and versatility. Vuelta Abajo-grown tobaccos are used to deliver a richly textured yet beautifully smooth experience that you can enjoy anytime.

Smoking a Cohiba Siglo II Cigar

The Cohiba Siglo II experience is populated by lavishly engaging cedar, coffee bean, chocolate, cinnamon, and earth flavors. Sweet floral hints tease throughout. Nut and cream notes are generously dispersed during the pleasing, medium-bodied smoke. All of these flavors join in to produce the Cohiba Siglo II cigar's refined, complex, and long-lasting finish.

Cohiba Siglo II Experience

The Cohiba Siglo II cigar combines a great all-around size and relative value with the deliciously opulent character that has made Cohiba cigars so renowned worldwide. Whether you are diving into Cuba's top-shelf cigars for the first time or simply want a smooth smoke that suits a wide range of situations, the Cohiba Siglo II is as desirable as cigars get.

The brand is one of the first to be founded on the sunny island of Cuba. Cohiba Siglo II cigars are hand-made in the best production facilities and they display a very fine wrapper that has a soft, oily feel. The cigars have a short length and a medium ring size, making them perfect no matter the experience of the smoker or the available time. The flavors of this cigar feature sweetness, coffee bean, and natural tobacco. The cigars are presented in a very elegant wooden box of 25. These stogies are rated among the best Cuban in the world market, guaranteeing great taste an amazing smoke.