Cohiba Siglo III


Cohiba Siglo III


Cohiba Siglo III

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Ring Gauge 42
Length 155 mm / 6.0 inches
Strength Medium
Size Long Corona
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Cohiba Siglo III Overview

Cohiba is the most prestigious cigar brand of all time, delighting cigar smokers with a broad range of sumptuously refined smokes. The Cohiba La Linea 1492 series is home to the most elegant and mellow Cohiba cigar experiences. Cohiba Siglo III cigars are 6" x 42 options that use Vuelta Abajo tobaccos from the heart of Cuba's most famous tobacco-growing area.

Smoking a Cohiba Siglo III Cigar

Siglo III cigars provide a beautifully satisfying and approachable journey that is silky, smooth, and medium-bodied. Coffee and wood flavors settle effortlessly on the palate from start to finish. Earthy undertones balance out a collection of sweet, nutty, and creamy notes. A touch of leather and spice paves the way for a long-lasting grand finale.

Cohiba Siglo III Experience

The Cohiba Siglo III cigar is a legendary crowd-pleaser that you can depend on to deliver a sophisticated and deeply gratifying smoke with a wondrously refined body and taste. Whether morning, Noon, or night, the Cohiba Siglo III cigar is an optimal choice for all cigar enthusiasts regardless of experience levels.

Cohiba Siglo III cigars have a classic shape and a sleek body. They are hand-rolled in the El Laguito factory, one of the oldest on the island of Cuba. These delights have a very fine wrapper and a very well-packed filler, guaranteeing a great taste and a perfect burn. The color shows the quality of the materials used and the soft, oily touch is a pleasure for the smoker. The flavor palette is very fine, featuring spice and rich sweetness combined with creamy natural tobacco. The delivery form is an elegant 25 pieces box.