Cohiba Siglo V


Cohiba Siglo V


Cohiba Siglo V

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Ring Gauge 43
Length 170 mm / 6.6 inches
Strength Medium
Size Lonsdale
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Cohiba Siglo V Overview

The Cohiba brand sets the standard for all other cigar brands to follow, offering the world's most luxurious smokes. From rich and spicy to serenely mellow, Cohiba has it all. The La Linea 1492 series is the favorite choice for cigar lovers in the mood for a smooth and silky Cuban cigar experience, with the 6.6" x 43 Cohiba Siglo V a top pick.

Smoking a Cohiba Siglo V Cigar

The Cohiba Siglo V cigar uses tobacco from the famous Vuelta Abajo region, which provides a refined, harmoniously balanced, medium-bodied smoke. Natural tobacco notes run the full length of the experience. Coffee bean, leather, Spanish cedar, exotic spice, hazelnut, and floral hints create swirling waves of delight. A sweet and spicy nuance caps off a satisfying finish.

Cohiba Siglo V Experience

Cohiba Siglo V cigars are authentic Cuban cigar classics beloved by connoisseurs and new smokers alike. Rich tasting, silky smooth texture, and approachable nature make the Cohiba Siglo V a reliable option for all levels of taste, no matter the time or place. Smoke Cohiba Siglo V cigars with your favorite coffee beverage, finely crafted cocktail, or distilled spirit.

A 17CM long cigar stick that takes not less than 3 years to be made from scratch. The Siglo V cigar is a sophisticated entry into the dashing line of Cuban cigars and its aroma is pretty lighter than other regular cigars. The Siglo V is unique in its flavors as it comprises of some amazing non-dynamic flavors that are completely hard to identify. The overall outlook of the cigar is dashing and it gives a luxury feel to the person holding it between fingers.